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Portable Re-usable & Re-Chargeable Handwarmer

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A reusable hand warmer that lasts for up to five hours. Activate at any time on a cold walk or at work and enjoy the instant relief for warmer hands as you feel the warmth from you cute penguin or polar bear.


Comfortable Grip

Just bigger than the size of your palm so you can fully cover your hands over it. Silky smooth silicone feel so the penguin/polar bear hand warmer doesn't fall out of your hand.


Double-Sided Heating

Get the relaxing warmth of your re-usable handwarmer on both sides, no need to change sides like a suntan every few minutes! Get the joy of warmth instantly on both sides.


Portable Power Bank Mode

Not only does the hand warmer keep your hands warm, but it can also be used as a quick charger for your phone. Coming with a USB converter, you can connect your phone directly to access a 4000 mAh battery.


Heating Cycle

Instant heat in 30 seconds, reaching temperatures of a toasty 52 degrees celsius. The temperature fluctuates down to 47 degrees to help maintain battery life.

Two heating modes with low and high temperatures.

  • Low: 47°C - 52°C
  • High: 55°C - 60°C


Portable Re-usable & Re-Chargeable Handwarmer

Portable Re-usable & Re-Chargeable Handwarmer

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