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Full Body Oversized Hoodie - The Largest Oversized Hoodie

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The largest oversized hoodie that will cover your entire body!

Like our original Giant Fluffy Hoodie, only this time you can safely fall asleep in it knowing that you are all snug and covered up from the head down. - It is officially time to replace that blanket!

No longer will you just be keeping your hands warm with the soft and fluffy pockets. The full-body wrap-around of the oversized hoodie will also keep your legs and feet warm when you tuck in.

A gift that the whole family loves from spending time together or catching some alone time by yourself. With the largest hoodie there is no need to snuggle up to a partner.

With the Giant Fluffy Hoodie, we said you can "move freely around your house without taking the whole bed with you". Now, you don't even need to go to bed.

To stay ultra-comfortable, what more do you need on a cold rainy day with your Full Body Oversized Hoodie? - Maybe a movie, a warm drink and your family?


Largest Oversized Hoodie - Full Body Hoodie


Why Full Body Oversized Hoodie?

❤️ Be proud of the world's largest Full Body Oversized Hoodie and make it yours.

❤️ Throwaway the PJ's for a comfortable hoodie that engulfs your whole body!

❤️ Two fluffy Sherpa pockets to bury your hands or carry your phone.

❤️ Enjoy cold mornings - easily slip into your oversized hoodie straight from bed, just like a onesie.

❤️ A fantastic gift for all the family and friends.


Pair With Oversized Hoodie Socks

Complete your cosy lounge attire with our oversized (but snug fit) socks.


Full Body Oversized Hoodie Materials & Size

  • Our oversized hoodies are mainly made from synthetic flannel which is very soft and comfortable.
  • One Size.


Full Body Oversized Hoodie Sizing



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