I have questions about my order

In most cases your tracking link will be able to help answer where your order is and show its current progress. Please find the tracking page in your shipping email.

If your order hasn't moved for a few days, this is perfectly normal and should still meet our expected delivery time (see below). In last case (e.g. your order hasn't arrived in 15 days), please contact us using the contact us button in the footer of our website.

This is so we can maintain efficiency of our customer service - we're only a small business so please help us by doing the above! However, we are always happy to help.

How long is delivery?

Orders shipped today will take an estimated average of 7 - 15 days to arrive.

Please note this is dependent on a number of varying factors such as our demand, the couriers demand, weather and changes in regulation caused by current global circumstances.


How are you taking action for COVID-19?

All of our artisans and craft people are practicing social distancing methods and using masks within our partnered factories. All of our workers are safe and maintaining levels of a very high standard.


How can I add a gift box to my order?

If there is a gift box option on the variant select dropdown of the product page. Please select it, then click add to cart. you will then need to go back to the original product page to add the item you want.

The Rose Bear product page for example:

  1. Select 'Gift Box' from the variant drop down.
  2. Click add to cart.
  3. Go back to the Rose Bear product page.
  4. Select the Rose Bear you would like from the variant drop down.
  5. Click add to cart.
  6. Then go to your cart and purchase - you have now successfully added a gift box to your order.


Do you do couple quotes?

Yes! We post our sweet quotes mainly on our Instagram page daily. Head over there and give it a follow! If not, then... well, it's not for everyone right?


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