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My Bubble Gun Is Not Working!

You just got your Bubble Gun, and in excitement, you raced to pour your bubble solution out, threw in some batteries and pulled the trigger (or in this case, pressed the button). Only to feel your excitement tumble down like a 4-year-old kid stamping on your newly built sandcastle at the beach, as you watch bubbles hopelessly gather at the end of the gun, and fall to the floor.


What have I just bought!? You ask.


Chances are, fixing the issue you are having, is very easy.


Let's begin by going through the setup steps, just to double check - you are likely to find your solution in step one or two.

Let's Read The Instructions

Step One

Take off the cover on the underside of the Bubble Gun and take note of the orientation of the positive and negative terminals, for when you place in your batteries.

Get three, new, 1.5v AA batteries - using old/used batteries will not allow the blast motor to reach its maximum performance capability.

Insert the batteries into the battery compartment we looked at earlier - making sure the batteries are the correct way around.

Place the cover back on (please do not worry if you have a missing screw. This is not needed and will still work).


Step Two

Briefly press the trigger button.

If the fan fired up or is louder than it sounded previously - good job! You may not need to read on (depending on your bubble solution). If the Bubble Gun does not turn on at all, please contact our support.


Step Three

In the need of saving time, you may have gone to make your own bubble solution using quite a bit of washing up liquid or soap, and mixing in some water.

If there are no bubbles forming, or the bubble bursts are really short, compared to our videos. We strongly advice you get some ready made bubble solution as it really makes the part!

Step Three Continued...

Pour your ready made bubble solution into the included pot that came with your Bubble Gun, making sure there is enough to meet half way of the tip of the barrel.

Step Four

Dip the end of the barrel into the pot you just pored the bubble solution into.

Then holding it horizontally (to begin with), press the trigger button.

Bubble should now be firing out rapidly - fulfilling your excitement!

Step Five - Word of Caution

Please try not to consistently have your bubble gun pointing upwards as this could cause the bubble liquid to fall into the motor, or into the battery compartment - causing it to short circuit.

Bubble gun is not waterproof.

If this happens, please remove the batteries from the battery compartment and allow 24 hours for the blaster to dry out. If you have an airing cupboard - or a warm space in your home, place it in there.

Still having issues?

If you have read all of the steps above and carried them out. Please contact us for more assistance.

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