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Choosing the Right Photo and Size for Your Paint by Numbers Canvas

Choosing the Right Photo


Making sure you have the right photo before choosing a canvas size is critical when it comes to making a brilliant painting.


The photo you choose needs to contain as much detail as possible - particularly of the subjects of the image (such as a person, plant or pet) -including focus, good lighting and the distance the subject is from the camera.


If the image you are wanting to use contains a group of people, a couple, or one person, they must take up as much of the image as possible. A way to measure this is by making sure you can see their eyes in the photo (unless they are wearing glasses or sunglasses - which make great for paintings!).


Choosing the Right Canvas Size

Here is where you get more freedom with options because choosing the right size canvas will primarily come down to personal preferences and whether you will be hanging the canvas on the wall or resting it against the wall.


You may prefer your canvas to be more square as opposed to portrait or landscape, or you will prefer the latter. However, the important thing to remember here is that the sizes you have available are not restrictive to portrait or landscape, because you can simply rotate the canvas around


With our Paint by Numbers canvases, we handle any concerns you may have with the correct size and crop the image, if needed, towards the subject, so the canvas is filled. We only do this if there are gaps around the edges of the image and we will never stretch your image to fill in these gaps.


If the image you are submitting is in portrait form (or vice versa), but the canvas you have chosen is for landscape, there is no need to worry! We will still be able to print your image in the size you have chosen because the canvas can simply be rotated to become a portrait.

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