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What to Get Dad for Father's Day?

Is choosing a gift for Dad on Father's day a difficult one to do?

No problem!

With the recent sunny weather, finding a gift for dad will be super easy with this list of special, all-time, dad classics to go for, that are still thoughtful!


However, to cut to the chase and so you don't have to scroll to the bottom of this blog post. I have handily placed the number 1 gift for dad just below this.

The Number One Gift for Dad - Personalised Photo Wallet

The personalised photo wallet is an ingenious gift for dad - he loves his family and he also loves his wallet. So why would you not place an abstract photo of you with dad on the front?

With the addition to write a message on the back of the wallet. Simply upload the image you want printed and, if you want to, you can write a short message on the back!

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Alternative Gifts

Handheld Battery Powered BBQ Fan

As a dad, and provided he has a good-old coal BBQ, he will indeed have the BBQ out at some point this year - although this is typically the summer.

Use the BBQ fan as a speedy way to rise temperatures so that food can be cooked sooner. No longer will he have to wait for the coals to reach the right temperature!

Using the BBQ fan is straightforward. Place the metal hose near the centre of the coals, at the side (but please keep a safe distance), then press the power on button for a gush of air. 

Please only use this as guidance as every BBQ setup is different. Keep away from children unless under adult supervision.

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Dad's New Summer Slides

Slider Slippers

✔️ Comfortable.

✔️ Waterproof.

✔️ Absolute minimal effort required.

All around, sliders are great shoes to wear during Summer. They're easy to put on, can be stored easily, and if they get wet - what's the fuss?

Our Summer Poolside slippers are fully waterproof and extremely comfortable to walk in with their thick 4cm soles. - If you are one that typically buys gifts for your family where you can see a benefit for you using it too, these sliders are just the gift that you need!

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