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The Oversized Hoodie - The #1 Christmas Gift of 2021?

How long have blankets been around in your house for? years, right? And of those blankets, how many times do you use them? We imagine it's not a lot.

So why would the Oversized Hoodie be any better?

You Can Take Oversized Hoodie with You

Walking around your house with a blanket is not something you would typically do - it's something you have to carry, it drags behind you on the floor collecting dirt, and then if you decide not to take it with you, you just leave it behind in a messy pile.

Because you wear Oversized Hoodie, you don't need to hold it; it's always there with you; keeping you equally warm and snug as you were when you were sat down.

You Can Match with The Family

Of course, you could get matching blankets for everyone in the family, but there's no fun in that! Matching your oversized hoodie with your boyfriend, girlfriend, brothers, sisters, and mum & dad, is like matching your favourite pyjamas; you feel like this is what family is about.

You Can Easily Gift it to Your Friends

Do you think gifting a blanket to a friend is something you would typically do? Most likely not. But like matching your hoodie with your family, you can gift an oversized hoodie to your friend to match. Show how much you appreciate their friendship and support over the time you have known them, and give them warmth, comfort and ease to relax.

Go for a Walk

Believe it or not, some of our customers have even gone out for walks during frosty mornings or snowy days in their oversized hoodie. We did not expect this to happen. However, it has now proved to us that there is nothing you can do with your oversized hoodie (although we're not sure if you should swim in it or go to the gym in it).


These are the reasons why the Oversized Hoodie is the number 1 gift for Christmas.

So please enjoy your it and if you ever have any questions, please do get in touch!

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