2021 Christmas Gift Ideas - Presents for After Lockdown – Love By Letterbox

2021 Christmas Gift Ideas - Presents for After Lockdown

Looking for Christmas gifts can sometimes feel like a test on how well you know someone. We have a few Christmas gift ideas for you to make sure that this special occasion is the best since lockdown (our apologies for reminding you).

The Oversized Hoodie

We have mentioned the oversized hoodie a lot across Love By Letterbox, and it is because it is something the whole family - and your friends - can benefit from! With multiple styles and sizes to choose from, we need to break this down so you can find the best hoodie(s).

Giant Fluffy Hoodie

Our Giant Fluffy Oversized Hoodie is our all time popular gift (hence why it has been mentioned first) and this year, its length has been extended down to 100cm to really help in covering you up, and keeping you warm, when you curl your legs in.

Christmas Deer Print Oversized Hoodie

More fitting for the current occasion. The Deer Print Hoodie is completely new to Love By Letterbox. It combines the traditional festive sweater with our warming and comforting hoodie.

Imagine the whole family wearing this! And do not worry, you can also choose from Black or Blue Deer Prints for some variety - how about getting two Red hoodies for you and your partner and then Black or Blue hoodies for the kids?

Full Body Oversized Hoodie

Also new to LBL, the Full Body Oversized Hoodie engulfs the body! It replaces the dressing gown, onesie, pyjamas, and the need for a blanket all in one go. It truly is the perfect way to snuggle up on the sofa while you watch your favourite movie.

As with all of our winter warming hoodies, they come with a lovely fluffy Sherpa fleece inside that acts as a gentle and soft pillow.

Tie-Dye Oversized Hoodie

For those who are more creative or like switching things up. A Tie-Dye hoodie is the one for you - and one that may not feel so restrictive to only Winter wear. It's lighter colours may also make you feel chirpier for when you decide to wear it in the morning.


Personalised Gift Ideas

For a more unique choice, something further sentimental. A specially designed and made gift will be the perfect choice this year, again it is very versatile in who it can be for too!

With all personalised gifts, please always check our shipping information to make sure your item will arrive in time. If you are still unsure, please reach out to us via Live Chat or email and we will be happy to provide you with an estimation.

A Memory Remastered - The Paint By Numbers Canvas

Choose any image - it could be a picture of a pet, Wedding Anniversary, or the whole family together dressed up for a Christmas photo.

Simply submit the photo to us, choose the quality/definition of your image (there's 24 or 36 colours), place you order, and then we will do the rest! - which is convert it to a mapped out painting, with numbers co-ordinated to colours. Just like a colouring-in book.

When the Paint By Numbers Canvas  arrives, you can either spend some mindful time, painting it to gift away or keep it packaged up as a stress relief for them.

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